28 reviews for Tester Set – Man & Woman

  1. Akshat Agarwal

    Love the man one. Its supurbbb!!!

  2. Riddhi P

    Damn cute these are!

  3. Arman

    A good wear in the summer!

  4. Arnav Chawla

    Beautiful set!❤️

  5. Saira Chabra

    The woman is lighter, fresher and floral but not very florally. A perfect balance.

    Man is different. Like really nice different. I am not sure what I like about it, but I know I definitely love it!!!❤️

  6. Devaj

    Ive never seen a small tester for men. This is damn good dude!

  7. Krisha

    I like the man fragrance more. Very urban!

  8. Ela Laghari

    One the best tester bottles I’ve seen!.

  9. Vrinda Agarwal

    Very handy. fits easily in pocket, wallet, purse.👌

  10. Surbhi K Agarwal

    Like both man and women one. Very sweet bottles

  11. Raghav


  12. Akshat Agarwal

    Nice fragrances.😍

  13. Swati Kaushik

    Used it as a giveaway for a party. Everyone loved it.

  14. Akshay Patni

    Im in love with the men one!😍

  15. Alina Shreshtha

    I ordered this to try the brand as i had not heard of it.

    I got the courier in time. Well packaged. The bottles are small. like 2-3ml maybe. That can be little bigger. Right now i keep these in my bag.

    Smell of both are good. But i like the man one more.

  16. Muskaan

    The bottles are really sweet….nice one,

  17. Mohit Sharma

    Really like the man one!

  18. Natasha Gowda

    The delivery was so fast. Perfume is nice.👌

  19. Mulshi Kejriwal

    i like both the smells, man nd women.

  20. Ramya Rajesh Nather

    It’s awesome

  21. Kartik Agarwal

    Very nice smell. Really like the man one.

  22. Sakshi

    For me, these testers are the perfect complement to their main perfume bottles. I initially bought them to test out the women’s perfume. However, once I bought the big bottle I reordered these testers too

  23. Ashwin

    I ordered and received it within 3 days. Super fast.👍🏻

  24. Rachit

    Gud smell!

  25. Gaurika Manchandani

    I expected the bottles to be bigger. They are tiny. But the smell is really good.

  26. Megha Satija

    The bottles are super cute. And nice smell!!!

  27. Rahul Khari

    Nice perfumes.

  28. Shekhar Agrawal

    I was skeptical about the smell so I ordered the testers first. I loved it and ordered the man perfume.

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Tester Set – Man & Woman

Le Florentine’s Classic Man fuses citrus and woody nuances of fougere and spices mingled with the calm balance of marine that perfectly fit the warmth, vigour and the rich class of the man you’ve become.

Le Florentine Classic Woman’s citrus tinge of Yuzu and floral centres makes it lush yet light like your spirit. The exotic bases of musk adhere to your bold and unconventional core and brings out your complete persona of the woman that leaves them in awesome.

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